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We are happy to announce that we just released a new version 1.7 of Twimbow. Not many changes and we are aware a few little bugs you reported might be still there, but we wanted to make sure to release a major update to the Twimbow reader just before Christmas!

What’s the Twimbow Reader? Since the first releases of Twimbow, the Reader let you preview articles and blog posts from within Twimbow, without the need of opening a new browser tab. It was very useful to “consume” news from within Twimbow, but the concept was very simple. Today, we greatly improved the Reader and it now became a real dashboard inside the dashboard, from which you can discover news, keep track of what you read, see what other Twimbow readers are reading, bookmark your favorite content, share your favorite news and so on. The news is also that you can now open the Reader from the main toolbar, whenever you want.

Twimbow Reader

There are actually a few features missing, yet, but those will be added in the next release. Sync with Instapaper and Read Later, share on Facebook and a few other features, for example, will be available in the next release. At this point, we wanted to release the new Reader as soon as possibile in order to get users feedback and make it better in the next release

The new Twimbow Reader is, together with the new music widget released in the past release, another important step in order to make Twimbow a powerful tool to consume news and media socially, transforming it into something way more powerful than a social media dashboard.

What do you think? Please tell us!

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As promised, after the release of a Mac App that works as a shortcut to run Twimbow as a standalone app on Mac OSX (more or less), here is a Windows installer to do the same under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

On Windows, we couldn’t really use a separate Chrome instance, so it should share cookies with your main Chrome installation.

You can download the ZIP with the EXE inside from the button down here. If you have any problem, please drop us a line (Google Chrome must be installed in your machine).

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According to the feedbacks we got from our users, it seems that a small percentage of you prefer standalone apps over web apps. I am not among them, personally, but I can understand their standpoint. Despite it is a small percentage, we tried to figure out how to make everyone happy.

Since we invested a lot in Twimbow as a powerful HTML5 app and at this time native apps are not our priority (neither running an HTML5 app inside) we found a very good compromise: a full-featured HTML5 Chrome App running on Mac OSX as a standalone app. You get a dock icon, desktop notifications and a stand-alone behavior, but leveraging our powerful and fast Google Chrome App.

That said, here is Twimbow for Mac! It’s our first release so we definitely need your feedback to improve it. A Windows version will be available in the following days, so please stay tuned.

You can download the DMG from the button down here. If you have problems, please drop us a line (Google Chrome must be installed in your machine).

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We are happy to announce that a new version of Twimbow is now available.

We fixed lots of bugs introduced with the real-time version in Google Chrome and we also added a new music widget that lets you listen to music while staying in touch with your friends way more easier than before. You can also discover more new friends who love the music you love ;-) More widgets will be available soon, all focused on making news and media consumption on top of Twitter and other social networks an outstanding experience for all Twimbow users.

Release notes for version 1.6
NEW: brand new music player widget (more widgets to come, stay tuned)
NEW: real-time for Chrome users: now available for everyone!
NEW: four new skins (Christmas!)
NEW: now the main toolbar is shown with one format only (no big one anymore)
NEW: improved anti-spam filterFIX: some fixes in the real-time management in Google Chrome

FIX: gaps (missing tweets) in home buzz when auto-refresh tweets was ON
FIX: sometimes the ability to go back in time was not possible in home buzz
FIX: DM or tweets sent from other clients were not showing up in real-time on Chrome
FIX: image previews not working for certain formats and links
FIX: error when you try to add the same Twitter account more than once
FIX: filters: now links contained in shortened links are properly filtered
FIX: reply-all available for native retweets (to the original sender and the user who retweeted)
FIX: Google Buzz (service no more available) is now “grey”. Will be removed completely soon.
FIX: other minor bug fixes

Please feel free to contact us for any information you might need about the new version. Enjoy!
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Wondering how to mute a user on Twimbow? Can’t find the “mute” option? Well, it’s actually pretty easy.

1) Create a new label called “Mute” and assign any color to it (black?)

2) Assign that label to the user / users you want to mute

3) un-check that label from the home buzz.

Done, all those users won’t appear on your home buzz anymore ;-) You can check which users you previously muted by simply looking at the users belonging to that label.

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Since the early days, color has alwasy been a fundamental part of Twimbow. We use it to assign gmail-like labels to users, to organize your friends and to make your tweets stand out and make them colored. People associate the word “colorful” to “Twimbow” by default now.

Today, thanks to the partnership with Paraimpu, we want to offer you another innovative way to use colors with Twimbow.

Let’s start from the beginning. T-Hotel is a wonderful 5* hotel in the middle of Cagliari, main city of Sardinia, the italian island in the middle of the mediterranean sea, where Twimbow was originally invented. On top of their big glass tower, there is a big colored light that makes it very well recognizable at night (installed by Quit). The color of this light can change: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white, cyan    

Il THotel dal Parco della Musica

Starting today, you will be able to change the color of that light in real-time from Twimbow. You just need to write a new tweet on Twimbow containing the tag #thotel and, at the end of the tweet, the color of your choice. For example, if you write a tweet like the following on Twimbow:

  • “I’d love to stay at #thotel and I want its light to turn #red”.

it will be processed and will immediately change the color of that light to RED. The tag can actually be everywhere in the tweet, but if you put it at the end, the tweet will be shown colored on Twimbow as well ;-)

There will be video camera pointed to the light for 24 hours / day very soon. We will make sure to make #thotel a rich tag on Twimbow then, so you will be able to click on the T-Hotel icon (that we will show on the tweet) to see the live video.


note: it works at night GMT+1.


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We have been very busy lately and there was a very important reason behind that. Almost 90% of the Twimbow backend has been rewritten completely and a new realtime Node.js server has been introduced. The main reason was solving some issues that were preventing Twimbow from updating properly in the past version and, more importantly, introducing a realtime streaming.

What’s realtime streaming? In a nutshell, it lets you see status updates, mentions and everything else as those happen, in real time. No delays, just immediately. If you follow lots of people  and you have the “auto-refresh tweets” option enabled, your home buzz will become a no-stop waterfall of tweets :-) This option is available on our Chrome app only, since Chrome is the only browser that fully supports the technology that lets us offer this great feature. Last but not least, this option is available for every kind of message except lists (Twitter doesn’t support that yet).

Important notice: for the first days, this option will be enabled for selected users only. We need to make sure everything is working fine before opening up to everyone. We we’ll roll out  this option for everyone in the following days, you will just get it without doing anything :-)

We also fixed TONS of bugs, hopefully without introducing new ones :-) In particular, we introduced an optimized personal buzz cache (the previous one was causing issues to some users, who had to disable it) that should improve the performance of the app.

Please let us know what you think and, if you got the realtime option on Chrome, let us know if you experience any problem.

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A very useful feature we added to Twimbow since pretty much the very early alpha versions is the ability to save articles and blog posts to Instapaper, in order to read them later and, if you want, from another device where you installed the Instapaper app.

It is very easy:

  • Open the article you want to save for later  (with the Twimbow Reader)
  • click on the “pin” icon (save to Instapaper)
  • insert your instapaper credentials (if asked to)
  • click to “save to my instapaper account”
Now you are ready to read it later at your convenience, on your favorite device.
Do you love Instapaper? We do! We hope you can make the most out of it thanks to the Twimbow integration, too.
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A few years ago I came up with a blog post (on my personal blog) aimed to show how people on Twitter were becoming very wise when it came to re-invent themselves. The content is still appropriate for today’s way people use Twitter, reason why I wanted to share it with our readers and users (plus a bonus). Please share your thoughts :-)

Sometimes I get a lot of fun by just reading some Twitter users’ bios, where at the end of the day you don’t really get what that user does or is up to. I collected some funny definitions that, in certain cases (unfortunately), you can easily read as “I’m unemployed”. If you have these definitions on your Twitter bio and you are not unemployed, don’t feel upset, this post is just for fun :-)

10)  Experienced General Manager / CEO / Project Manager looking for a new venture

This is a serious one and looks fine to me. Twitter is a good place to look for a new opportunity and if you worked hard in the past years, it is good that you say it loudly.

9) Social Media Marketer / Expert

Too many times this just means “I can use Facebook and Twitter” and “I have a lot of followers”.

8) Freelance

Sometimes this means “Forced to be a freelance”

7) Optimization Strategist


6) Social Media Guru

Who did say this? Similar to #9, but less credible

5) SEO Expert

This is pretty common and I’m pretty sure there are lots of real SEO Expert out there, but I think it’s over-used. Many unemployed guys who develop websites often define themselves this way.

4) Guy/gal living the dream

…of finding a job…

3) Jedi 4 soc media


2) Conversion Rate Optimization Evangelist

What does it mean?


and now, the best one (IMHO)

1) Kick Ass Social Media Maven

This is definitely the best one! What do you think?

BONUS (new entrant, love that)

1.a) Sales Authority

Ok, but who did say this???


If you came accross any other funny self-definition, please leave it in the comments below!

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After many years dealing with thousands of users everyday, we wanted to share 10 Twitter users we really love and think could make the difference in your Twitter timeline. Not just because they post a lot of interesting news, but in particular because they are always very nice and happy to help you, say hello or simply chat.

In no particular order. You can see their Klout Score above their avatar.

Aaron Lee (@askaaronlee)
Young social media enthusiast from Malaysia who quickly made the difference on Twitter, through his thoughtful posts and interesting news.

Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu)
Very friendly power Twitter user from Denver, must-have in your timeline!

Lori Taylor (@lorirtaylor)
If you want to improve the probability to come across interesting tips about Twitter and Social Media, she is a must-follow. Very nice and always ready to chat and discuss.

CamMi Pham (@cammipham)
Very nice and friendly social media pro, always a pleasure chatting with her. Follow her without hesitating.

Susan Cooper (@buzzedition)
Very engaging and she always shares lots of interesting news. Another must-follow.

Kim Sherrell (@kim)
What to say? Definitely one of my favorite. Looking forward to meeting here one of these days. Follow here NOW.

Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)
Not in your timeline yet? Very strange, because he is everywhere! Always ready to share cool stuff or simply to say hi. Must-follow (beware, he tweets a lot!).

Ruhani Rabin (@ruhanirabin)
Looking for interesting news, awesome quotes and great stuff about social media and design? He is your man.

Blair Semenoff (@flipbooks)
Another must-have in your timeline. A lot of great news and always available for a chat.

Luca Filigheddu (@filos)
Well, ok, that’s me :-) The point is: am I engaging? Yes. Do I reply to everyone? Yes. Do I share stuff? Yes. Ok, I am eligible for this list :-) If you want to stay in touch, make sure to follow us, too.

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