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Five Things That Make Twimbow Unique

Many faithful users know very well what makes Twimbow unique. It’s actually a mix of innovative features and UI design that make Twimbow special, but today we would like to share with our new users five things that you can’t find elsewhere and definitely make Twimbow stand out of the competition.

1) Realtime

On Google Chrome, Twimbow lets you get any type of message in real-time. Your main timeline, mentions, retweets and so on, everything gets pushed to your browser as soon as it happens. Unlike other dashboards, on Twimbow you can disable the “auto-refresh” of tweets (unusable if you receive too many messages), so you have realtime but you can decide when to actually see them.

2) Colors

On Twimbow, colors are everywhere. You can add colors to your tweets (other Twimbow users can see them colored), assign color labels to users, change colors of messages related to you (mentions, DM, RTs), change your Twimbow skin with a new colored one… it’s just up to you.

3) Music Player

On Twimbow you can easily listen to and share your favorite music while tweeting. You can also choose any song and enable the “radio mode” so that Twimbow will play related songs automatically and continuously. The usic player has been updated recently and now it’s even more powerful than ever.

4) Reader

Any article and blog post your Twitter friends share is automatically opened inside the Twimbow Reader, a powerful news reader where you can read and share content, see what other users are reading and choose your favorite news sources so that those can always be at your fingertip.

5) Monitor

Want to keep track of what’s going on about things and users that matter for you? Just add them to the monitor. You will get real-time notifications about new occurrences of keywords, tags, new tweets from lists or from specific users.

Stay tuned, new exciting features are coming to Twimbow, very soon ;-)

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