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Top 10 Ways To Say “Unemployed” On Twitter (reprise)

A few years ago I came up with a blog post (on my personal blog) aimed to show how people on Twitter were becoming very wise when it came to re-invent themselves. The content is still appropriate for today’s way people use Twitter, reason why I wanted to share it with our readers and users (plus a bonus). Please share your thoughts :-)

Sometimes I get a lot of fun by just reading some Twitter users’ bios, where at the end of the day you don’t really get what that user does or is up to. I collected some funny definitions that, in certain cases (unfortunately), you can easily read as “I’m unemployed”. If you have these definitions on your Twitter bio and you are not unemployed, don’t feel upset, this post is just for fun :-)

10)  Experienced General Manager / CEO / Project Manager looking for a new venture

This is a serious one and looks fine to me. Twitter is a good place to look for a new opportunity and if you worked hard in the past years, it is good that you say it loudly.

9) Social Media Marketer / Expert

Too many times this just means “I can use Facebook and Twitter” and “I have a lot of followers”.

8) Freelance

Sometimes this means “Forced to be a freelance”

7) Optimization Strategist


6) Social Media Guru

Who did say this? Similar to #9, but less credible

5) SEO Expert

This is pretty common and I’m pretty sure there are lots of real SEO Expert out there, but I think it’s over-used. Many unemployed guys who develop websites often define themselves this way.

4) Guy/gal living the dream

…of finding a job…

3) Jedi 4 soc media


2) Conversion Rate Optimization Evangelist

What does it mean?


and now, the best one (IMHO)

1) Kick Ass Social Media Maven

This is definitely the best one! What do you think?

BONUS (new entrant, love that)

1.a) Sales Authority

Ok, but who did say this???


If you came accross any other funny self-definition, please leave it in the comments below!

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