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Twimbow Is Now Open To Everyone (and version 1.2 is out)!

Finally, after months of development and tons of bugs fixed (and introduced!) we are proud to inform you that Twimbow is now open to everyone! Yes, you don’t need to hunt for an invitation anymore ;-)

Joining Twimbow is very easy: go to Twimbow.com and signup (we have a new homepage, too!). You can create a new account in 30 seconds or use OpenID with your Google or Yahoo account. After that, you can easily add your first Twitter account and start enjoying the best social media hub on the Web ;-)

Moreover, Twimbow has been updated to version 1.2 with lots of improvements and some cool new features. Here is the complete release notes:

NEW: Noise killer. You can now create filters to remove any tweet containing certain keywords from your timeline, personal buzz and lists . Create as many filters as you want and enjoy focusing on what really matters for you and removing unwanted noise. Filters don’t work on searches at the moment, please let us know whether you like this behavior or not.


NEW: faster status update (much faster!). Now status updates are performed in background and the “new update” window will not block you from performing other activities while your status/tweet is being sent. Lots of users asked for that!

NEW: better handling of color filters in the home buzz. Now, if you click ONCE on the little colored square below an avatar in the home buzz / list view, it filters-in just users color-coded with that specific color, if you click AGAIN it restores all the other colors, too.

NEW: new behavior of the RT of me. In the previous versions, the RT of me (your messages that have been retweeted) were shown together with the avatars of the people who actually retweeted them (at the bottom of the message). Now, it justs shows a link saying “by x people”. If you click on that link, the avatars (clickable) of the people who retweeted will be shown. This is a little change that improves the performances of the personal buzz dramatically. Nothing actually changes, you just need one more click, but it’s worth it ;-)


NEW: added a few tooltips in the main UI and a few “?” to help understand the meaning of a few items in the Settings panel.

NEW: adding a new account is now easier. Just click on the “+” icon on the right of your main account. 


NEW: optimized profile browser. When you click on an avatar to open his/her profile, it will show you the profile only and, if you want to see his/her tweets, you need to click one more time. This reduces the API calls and provides a much faster response.

NEW: added image preview for Camera+ and Lockerz.

NEW: a few little graphical tweaks

NEW: in the central column, when you click on the vertical colored bar on the left of a tweet, it now shows the available labels and the current one is underlined (helpful in case you are using labels with similar colors)

NEW: performances. The overall speed of the Twimbow UI should be way faster in most computers now. We optimized some graphics effects and now perform some activities in background. Please let us know if you can see the difference.

FIX: TONS of bugs

FIX: removed the retweet option for received DMs

FIX: some tags in the form #xyz were wrongly translated into color codes


Last but not least, Twimbow just moved to new servers that will guarantee incredible performances for our users, thanks to RackSpaceCloud

Enjoy the new Twimbow and spread the word with your friends, now they can sign up without any invitation!


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