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On our last blog post we told you that as a consequence of the new rules Twitter imposed on “traditional clients” developers, we were totally disheartened and we decided to stop working on Twimbow .

Nevertheless, in these last months, we followed the evolution of a new platform called App.net ( many of you already know it). This platform created by Dalton Caldwell ( @dalton) and Bryan Berg (@berg) gave us enthusiasm to work on Twimbow again.

We believe in Dalton &Co. project so much and we kicked off a new project called Flamingow with the aim of taking colour to App.net.

We invite you to create an account on App.net and follow us in this new adventure.

**** UPDATE ****

We’ve got some free invitations to App.net, drop us a line if you want one of them.



Let’s Rainbow Again!

The Twimbow Staff.

Hi folks,

today is a sad day here in Twimbowland,

In the last communiques, Twitter discouraged the development of new applications replicating the core Twitter Experience, called “Traditional Clients”, among which Twimbow is included.

They outlined some rules ( read here https://dev.twitter.com/blog/current-status-api-v1.1 ) which disheartened us and now we have no longer enthusiasm to continue our adventure.

Since our first day we tried to go along with the wishes that you (our dearest Twimblers) wrote in your feedbacks, and we tried to develop Twimbow accordingly.

All those that earlier were just Twitter’s “ best practices” about their data visualization, have become rules too binding for us. We want to create innovative products, no one can force us not to stun our client or to visualize data not our own way.

We made huge efforts to launch our mobile app for all the platforms out there, but, reluctantly, we cancelled those projects.

From today we won’t work on Twimbow anymore, but it will be available until Twitter will be upgraded to 1.1 API version ( probably within the next 6 months).

We want to thank warmly those of you who were supportive towards us in this wonderful adventure called Twimbow.

From now on the Twimbow’s spirit will live on Flamingow, you can read more about it here


The Twimbow Team


Twimbow v2.0

After a few weeks of fine tuning (sorry for the issues you might have experienced), we are pleased to announce Twimbow 2.0.

Both front-end and back-end have been optimized to offer a much better experience to final users.

For example, every browser supporting HTML5 websocket will now get realtime updates of tweets and activities.

Here is what’s new:

- remove users from lists

- see your latest followers in realtime

[note] if you don’t see the megaphone, it means we haven’t collected any new follower yet.

- bugfix: problem with high cpu usage in some browser versions

- bugfix: some problems in tweets update

IMPORTANT: Since we moved to new servers, please let us know in case you experience more problems, thanks!

Today we are happy to officially announce that Twimbow for BlackBerry 10 is under development and will be available from day 1 when the new smartphones will be launched later this fall.

BlackBerry 10 is the new revolutionary OS that RIM is going to launch during Q4 2012 and that will be a big revolution in the ecosystem of mobile OS, now dominated by iOS and Android.

We are pretty sure that many of you are now asking themselves: why BlackBerry 10? Why not iOS or Android first? Well, we are more than happy to share with you the reasons behind our choice:

  1. BlackBerry 10 is the most open OS available for smartphones, way more than Android (and capable of running Android apps as well). The set of tools developers can use is incredible and you can basically port any app to that OS very easily.
  2. HTML5 performance: as many tests already confirmed, HTML5 performance on BlackBerry 10 is far superior than iOS or Android. It is actually outstanding. Given that Twimbow is a rich HTML5 app, porting it to BB10 is very easy and can offer incredible performances to our users
  3. BB10 is capable of running an HTML5 app as a native app, with a deep integration with the OS (notifications, BBM integration, UI etc.) and taking advantage of the real multi-tasking capabilities of the BB10 OS, something not available in other smartphones.
  4. the opportunity to be in the BB App World for the BB10 launch is huge, so we want to be there ;-)
  5. some of the countries that are very important for Twimbow are historically very important for BlackBerry as well. An example? Indonesia, #2 country in terms of Twimbow registered users and now #1 in terms of daily users.

Here is a screenshot of one of the first alpha version of Twimbow (home buzz). The final version will be probably different, though.

Last but not least, a quick video that shows you how it will look like.


What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is a live event where many users tweet about a certain subject and can be easily followed by activating a live search of the tag that identifies that specific chat. You can find a great definition of “Twitter chat” on Quora:

Twitter chats are scheduled gatherings of people on Twitter to discuss pretty much anything that interests them, using a #hashtag to keep track of the conversation. There are chats for everything from blogging to art to agriculture.

For example, here is a screenshot of a series of tweets for the Twitter chat #swchat

On Twimbow for Google Chrome, this search for #swchat will be performed in real-time, so that you can keep track of what’s going on.

Every user involved in a Twitter chat knows very well that in order to participate to the chat actively, every tweet sent must contain the corresponding hashtag (in this example, #swchat) at the end of the tweet. There are actually two ways to do that automatically on Twimbow:

1) insert hashtags into replies: just turn on this option from settings

This option is fine when you just want to participate to the chat by engaging with other people who are actively chatting.

2) insert the chat tag, in this example #swchat, as your signature. You can do that from the account tab in the settings pane. This is very useful if you want to enter a “chat mode” and each of your tweets will be related to the chat. In this case, it’s better you turn the previous option (1) off, otherwise that tag will be duplicated when you reply.

Easy right? We highly recommend to use Google Chrome for Twitter chats in order to get realtime searches.

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In the past weeks, thanks to our faithful users, we realized that there are a few hidden settings that could actually make the overall Twimbow experience much better despite are quite hidden for the user.

Here are three hidden features that can make your day.

Enable full-size toolbar

Some users asked us how to keep the reply-all contextual tool always visible. Why one more click when it could be always visible (most users use that option a lot)? It’s pretty easy: open settings and switch the last option at the bottom (“Tools expanded by default”) to ON. Easy right? You will move from this:

to this, without any additional click

Add a signature to your tweets

This option is particularly useful when more than one user is managing the same twitter account, usually for customer service. You can easily add a custom signature at the end of your tweets through the option below. Select the account and add the custom signature (“include signature” at the bottom).

Switch to  two-columns view

Three columns are too much for you? Your screen resolution is not too high? You want to get rid of the search column on the right? Easy task: switch to “compact mode”, that is two columns only. This option is on the second tab of the settings pane, on the right under the “skin” section. You will get something like this:

Please, take a look at the settings section, you could find lots of useful features you were not aware of. (yet) ;-)

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Posting to multiple Facebook accounts or pages was one of the most requested features that finally arrived in version 1.8 released early in February.

First of all you need to add your Facebook accounts to Twimbow. At this stage, you can add up to 3 accounts/pages (total).

You can add your Facebook accounts from two areas: the settings pane, Facebook accounts tab, or straight from the “New Message Window”.

From the settings pane, just click on the Facebook tab and click on the “add account or page” button, then follow the on-screen instructions to login to Facebook and choose the accounts you want to add to Twimbow. Make sure to authorize the Twimbow Facebook app when asked to.


After you click “continue”, you should get back to the settings pane and see the new accounts you added (was empty previously).


From the “new message” window, instead, you can easily add your accounts by clicking on the “+” button at the bottom:

Everything should work fine, but you should have any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us :-)


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Another incredible version of Twimbow is now available, just two weeks after the previous release. We definitely wanted to make our users happy ;-) As usual, please make sure to delete your browser’s cache in order to make sure to see the new features (better you logout, close your browser and login back again).

Here is what’s new in this version:

Release notes v1.9

  • Twitter trends: Twitter trends are now available through an icon on the main toolbar. You can see trends from anywhere in the world and see how big each trend is in terms of “tweets volume” ;-)
  • Pinterest: support of native image preview from Pinterest
  • Hashtags into replies: now you can disable this option from settings (that is hashtags copied into replies of a message containing those hashtags)
  • Emoticon for “LOL”: some users reported that the famous expression “LOL” was replaced by an emoticon. We fixed this (doesn’t make much sense).
  • Link to Twitter profiles: link to Twitter profiles (like http://twitter.com/twimbow) are now opened inside Twimbow with the profile browser
  • FIX – space after username: in replies containing hashtags, a blank space after the username was missed (as many users reported, quite annoying). We added it.

Here is the new Twitter trends panel:

Enjoy this new version and let us know what you think!

Today we are very happy to announce that a new version of Twimbow (v1.8) is available to everyone. This is definitely a major release of our social media dashboard since we introduced a lot of improvements and new much-requested features. Here is what’s new.

Release notes (v1.8)

  • Facebook cross-posting: You can now add up to three facebook accounts/pages and send status updates to those accounts, too.
  • Twitter cross-posting: If you have multiple Twitter accounts on Twimbow, you can now send the same status update to multiple accounts at the same time
  • emoticons: you now see graphical emoticons. This option can be disabled from settings
  • redesigned “new message” window: the new message window has been completely redesigned and new accounts can be added directly from there
  • additional colors: more colors available!
  • URL auto-shortening: when you write / paste a URL in the new message window, the number of the characters left will take into account that the URL will be shortened (using the t.co format)
  • preview of message you are replying to: the message you are replying to is now shown in the new message window
  • tags on replies: if a message you are replying to contains tags, those are automatically added to the new message
  • signatures: you can now add a default signature to your status updates; very useful in case more people are managing the same account
  • new “send later” option: “slots” have now been moved to the “new message” window. More scheduling options will be added soon
  • slots shuffle: added the ability to re-order your scheduled messages randomly
  • go to source in reader (is back): the option to go to the original source in the Twimbow Reader is now back
  • native retweets bug: we fixed a bug, on Google Chrome, that was pushing native retweets by users whose native retweets were disabled on Twitter.com
  • improved RSS reader: some feeds were not working properly in the previous version, we fixed that
Here is what the new message window looks like:

Tons of bugs have been fixed, too, despite there are a few issues that have to be fixed yet. Please tell us what you think, your feedback is, as usual, much appreciated and very helpful to make Twimbow even more powerful.

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Many faithful users know very well what makes Twimbow unique. It’s actually a mix of innovative features and UI design that make Twimbow special, but today we would like to share with our new users five things that you can’t find elsewhere and definitely make Twimbow stand out of the competition.

1) Realtime

On Google Chrome, Twimbow lets you get any type of message in real-time. Your main timeline, mentions, retweets and so on, everything gets pushed to your browser as soon as it happens. Unlike other dashboards, on Twimbow you can disable the “auto-refresh” of tweets (unusable if you receive too many messages), so you have realtime but you can decide when to actually see them.

2) Colors

On Twimbow, colors are everywhere. You can add colors to your tweets (other Twimbow users can see them colored), assign color labels to users, change colors of messages related to you (mentions, DM, RTs), change your Twimbow skin with a new colored one… it’s just up to you.

3) Music Player

On Twimbow you can easily listen to and share your favorite music while tweeting. You can also choose any song and enable the “radio mode” so that Twimbow will play related songs automatically and continuously. The usic player has been updated recently and now it’s even more powerful than ever.

4) Reader

Any article and blog post your Twitter friends share is automatically opened inside the Twimbow Reader, a powerful news reader where you can read and share content, see what other users are reading and choose your favorite news sources so that those can always be at your fingertip.

5) Monitor

Want to keep track of what’s going on about things and users that matter for you? Just add them to the monitor. You will get real-time notifications about new occurrences of keywords, tags, new tweets from lists or from specific users.

Stay tuned, new exciting features are coming to Twimbow, very soon ;-)

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